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Informations nutritionnelles

Our formula is made in compliance with the European Food Safety Authority that allows us to communicate about losing weight with our product. The majority of US products for example would not, regarding their formula, respect the strict standards of EFSA.

So Shape got the richest and most balanced formula, with only 215 calories per drink. So you lose weight without any deficiencies that cause the harm of other diets ! Our product is so highly nutritional that you can eat whatever you like (but don't be crazy ) at lunchtime ! Use it on breakfast and diner and you're free for lunch and better nourished than ever in your life.

Why ? Because of :

  • Our Detox effect with antioxidants from Green Tea
  • Metabolism controlled : we got some chrome, which is a nutriment that promotes the metabolism of fats and sugars
  • Vegetarian friendly : no meat in a glass of so shape but only some MILK protein
  • No preservative !
  • Good for a flat belly : rich in fiber (6g) which is good for digestion
  • Omega 6 & Omega 3 : from vegetal linseed, protect your heart and your brain cells.
  • GMO Free !
  • Boosts your energy with vitamins and a great quantity of magnesium !

Capuccino                                         Chocolate                                                                              

Vanilla                                               Raspberry


Tomatoes and Potatoes (hot)