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The SoShape Method

The SoShape Method has been used by tens of thousands of people, many of whom proudly share their stories on our @SoShapeResults Instagram page.

It was created because of our frustration with dieting. You see, diets have two things in common:

  1. They don’t work.
  2. They suck.

These commonalities go hand in hand, but not in the way most people think.

You see, most people think that diets suck because they don’t work. In fact, the opposite is true: diets don’t work because they suck.

When you go on a diet that doesn't suck--one where you enjoy the pleasure of eating (a very French thing, we know)--you get results.

How The SoShape Method Works

Diet researchers found that people are more likely to be successful on diets that keep things simple.

For that reason, the SoShape method contains no calorie counting or complex mental gymnastics around points. In fact, we already spent the time incorporating the best nutrition possible into SoShape so that you don't have to think about things.

To follow the method, you simply adhere to three rules:

  • Eat three meals a day: Breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
  • Take your SoShape for breakfast and one either meal out of the day--either lunch or dinner.
  • Don’t drink anything with calories, e.g. juice, soda, etc. Calorie-free beverages are fine.

Aaaand that’s it. Nothing to memorize. Nothing to count. Just determine the length of time you want to follow the SoShape Method (challenges come in 5, 14, and 28 days) and enjoy the new you!


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